Monday, June 1, 2015

A page for forest fire

1. This video show the destruction of my home texas.-
2. Video shot by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department shows how quickly a wildfire is moving through Bastrop State Park. At least two-thirds of the 6,000 acre park have burned. (Sept. 6)-
3. Camera captures video and temperature as a high-intensity crown fire rolls through. From the International Crown Fire Modeling Experiments in the Northwest Territories. (2000)-
4.An overview of the International Crown Fire Modeling Experiments in Canada's Northwest Territories. (1997)-
5. An overgrown canyon goes up in a firestorm as firefighters pull out in this major brush fire in Southern California. There is little they can do to save homes nestled amongst old timber growth without proper brush clearance. We stay as homes burn. Listen to the hiss of propane tanks and the pop of live ammo going off towards the end of the clip.-
6. Malibu goes up yet again in this most recent incident (11-24-07). Footage shows homes burning as residents and firefighters do what they can to save what has not yet taken off. Additional footage shows fire advancing through upper Latigo Canyon in fuel strands that have not burned in 50 years...This is not footage that was taken off the television - this is footage that was shot right from the firelines by the poster.-
7. 9-11-2013 A grass/ bushfire started on bringelly rd and travelled fast towards Camden valley way . the fire was stopped by helicopters and also the hard work of fire rescue and the rfs-
8. Night scenes of a forest fire with huge flames. Watch the vehicle lights of Hellenic Firefight Service as flames approaching them. Listen to the terrible "noise" a forest fire is making.-
9. Here is three hours of a crackling log fire in high quality sound. Its a blazing hot one for all my fellow pyros out there. Use headphones if you want to hear the holophonics of this soundscape. I will be posting more soundscapes soon, thanks and enjoy.-

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