Monday, June 1, 2015

Professor. Hitesh V. Bhatt

Professor. Hitesh V. Bhatt 

Hitesh Bhatt works in IRMA. Prior to joining IRMA, he was Head of the Centre for Management Studies at Dharmsinh Desai University in Nadiad, Gujarat. He started his career with Reliance Textile Industries Limited in 1979 and has a total of 18 years of industrial experience - of which 8 years is as CEO/Country Head of large organisations in India and in Tanzania (you can hear the story from- - Personal life and work life). Apart from Reliance, he has worked in Mafatlal group of mills, Sunflag group of textile and garment factories in Tanzania, Kenya and UK, and finally a joint venture company (Indo-Bhutanese-South Korean) in Sanand, Gujarat. During this period, he set up of 2 large textile mills and revived another textile & garment factory (employing over 2500 persons) from near closure to a position of envy in East Africa. Since 2001, that factory is the most efficient operation in the entire East Africa. He started his academic career in 1995 with IRMA as an Associate Professor and since then has been involved in teaching, training and consulting in diverse areas. He has trained different cadres of persons in a variety of organisations government, non government, cooperatives, dairy unions, industrial units, educational institutions and corporate. He has delivered talks in a number of organisations both in India and overseas on diverse topics. Ref:

Link to some of his talks and photographs are here, apologies for the disturbances during recording that reduced the quality of audio:


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