Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fig tree, barbets & other birds, insects etc.

Thanks to Sneshesh's bike! Its got a flat tyre the moment we reached this tree. He left under the shade of this tree and I saw some of the fruits moving here and there and then some fruits vanishing! 
The Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala), is best known for its regular, measured call (tuk, tuk, tuk etc.) that has been compared to a copper-smith striking metal with a hammer.
Forehead of a barbet resembled like the ripped fruit of a ficus tree. It is a resident found in the Indian Subcontinent and I saw a large number of this bird next to the Rishi Valley Rural Health Centre ( They were busy feasting on ripped fruits of ficus. Wikipedia says they prefer fruits of Banyan, Peepul, and other wild figs, various drupes and berries, and the occasional insect, caught in aerial sallies!!
Conservation activities initiated by Rishy valley education center have helped these trees to bear this favorite food for barbets and other birds in the hot summer months. We never know the depth of relationship between a tree and a bird. None of the birds noticed me they were busy in maintaining the relationship (what I saw was only collecting fruits to eat the pulp and to disperse seeds). 'The Queen of Trees' one of the best documentaries in the whole nature series can tell us how inter-connected the earth is. (
Trigona (genus) bee nest, one of the largest genus of sting-less bees found on the ficus tree.
This tree hosted many lives- trigona bees, dwarf honey bee (apis florea), rufous treepie, common myna, jungle myna, house crow, three striped palm squirrel, spiders of many kind, wasps etc. this is from my 1 hour watch of the tree, I am sure there will be more.